Whistle Blowing in New Brunswick

Having been through these processes in the Province of New Brunswick- it became increasing clear that although it is very positive the legislation and mechanisms  exists in our Province for a person who receives a label of a Whistle Blower. There has not yet been an established implementation and action around the Legislation.  I will surely do my best to assist the offices who are given this responsibility to learn and understand more about what actually needs to occur for the protection of the person who is subjected the negative effects of Whistle Blowing.  It is a very difficult position for that person to be in morally and ethically, and a difficult decision to make on a personal level, above that there is an awareness that there will be negative repercussions of the highest order as the parties involved vigorously pursue the silencing of the individual usually by means of attacks on the very persons character and integrity.   The very sources that led the person to make the disclosures in the first place.  T’is a double edged sword that splits a person wide open, in the heart.
Lori (2014)


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