When you have lived a life of facing difficult things…………….

When you have lived a life of facing difficult things, making hard decisions, carrying heavy burdens in family, community and public matters it is easy to be misunderstood and judged harshly for the Walk you must take and know in your heart is the proper Way.
I have always prayed for mercy for those who cast stones on my Life and will surely continue to do so. For I know in my heart should they someday face even a smidget of my Walk they will surely understand deep in their soul the challenge that it encumbers. I also surely pray that the hand of the Creator will never reach down and show them even parts of the journey in their own lives. For I would not even consider wanting them to know the journey first hand. For those who have and are experiencing harsh realities- for them I will open my heart and show them the almighty power of Love and Healing.
Lori (2015)

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