The Reslient Spirit

The Resilient Spirit


My heart continues to linger this morning around the stories of people’s pain. Last night’s beautiful spiritual discussion group at the Wellness Centre, raises in me once again the powerful capacity of a person to rise above their pain, regrets, resentments or failures.

In particular my heart opens to people subjected to violence or trauma for which they had no ability to control or no justification to be subjected to, not that there is ever one.

It is amazing to me that despite great pain or unspeakable grief the human heart begs to be free to love, to move past it.  This work of moving past it is arduous and requires much processing, releasing, and striving to higher principles.  The principles of Love and forgiveness, particularly for those who suffer great pain.

But the human resilient spirit pushes forward sometimes in great angst and turmoil from the view of those outside the cauldron of pain.  It often looks to others that the person is dwelling on the past, stuck in the experience, focusing on the pain, and some do, however those who are looking for triumph over the pain and loss follow a similar path until one day it just lets loose and the sky opens to Freedom and the burden is laid down.

Love it!


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