The Internal Evolution of a Human Being- McKinney 2013

Click on picture for larger ViewInternal evolution of a Human Being

I developed the model from insight, clarity and vision gathered along the journey of my Life. Then started Livin’ it, Being it, as best as I am able…..

Today as I was walking my regular route – a burst came into my awareness in relation to the diagram . The process of releasing old pain requires a deepening a come closer to it over long periods of time that is cyclical in that we can only chip away at the pain that is present when it makes it way into our awareness through a trigger, revelation, maturity, deepening relaxation etc. We can only free ourselves from its tether as the cycle brings us around to its deepening core.

Usually people will express to me but I dealt with this already, at which point I explain if we come to it again then the healing cycle is not yet complete and we must move through the stages once again. This would be the downward circles on the diagram toward enlightenment.

Today I realized the the same cyclical process occurs on the upward circles in the diagram only its core is not pain. The repeating core is revisiting the gifts, purpose and contributions we are to manifest in our environments as we reintegrate as awakened beings. We cycle through it time and time again until our presence is solid, focused and clear. Lori Ellis~McKinney (2018)

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