The Human Experience

The Human Experience

In the first days of opening the Wellness Centre I came to the realization that I would have to make public my life story and my healing journey to allow me to show how the services I was offering at the Centre can and do help people to heal their scars, talk about intimate and personal things, learn to receive care and comfort, learn to enjoy silence and solitude, to live in the present and to learn to let go.

I was uncomfortable and fearful with this realization however I knew it was a must.  To be open about all that I had held within was the most difficult part of transforming my life.  It left me open to the scrutiny and opinions and feeling exposed, the very reasons I had held it in.

I have learned however that the only true way to come to peace, happiness and love is authenticity, vulnerability and never holding back who I am.

Nearly every day I am moved to say to the good people I work with – this is normal, that feeling is normal, this is part of the human experience, this is part of your growth, etc.

When people come to see me and disclose personal things I see they too are fearful, and wonder if they are the only ones who feel they way they do or go through the situations in life they do.

At the core of who we are we all struggle with needing to feel accepted, that we belong, that we are loved and we all struggle with feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, not feeling accepted or enough.  As well we all struggle with Fear.

The only feeling that overpowers fear is Love. To love yourself and to love others.  When you understand and accept yourself you will understand and accept others.  When you are ok with you, you will be ok with others.

This is a fundamental truth.

Strong in Spirit,

Lori (2014)

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