The Development of the Wellness Centre

The Development of the Wellness Centre began on a slip of paper and sprang from my deepest longings in my Heart and Mind.  It was the most creative time in my life, full of hope, renewal and rebirth.  A time of blending my personal and professional lives.  An opportunity to integrate all that I had learned along the way in all areas of my life without the limits and restrictions I had been required to practice and live under prior to its inception.

I was free.

Free to allow myself to fully express, develop and make live all that I wished to be true.

Was it a risk- Absolutely

Was I willing to take it- Absolutely

Was there a model to follow- Absolutely Not

Was there anyone to consult- No

Each and every step, decision, calculation, strategy, came directly from my interior.

Today as I watch my model being replicated I take great pleasure in knowing that it is only occurring because of the merits and success of my pioneering.

It is a footprint of which I am proud of stepping into fully and am able to walk in day to day, wholeheartedly, and with Dignity.

Lori (2014)

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