The Compassionate Helper

The Compassionate Helper

It has taken me many years to learn the calibration of my compassionate helping.

A natural compassion, while witnessing the suffering of others has been in me since I was a small child. Likely stepping from the experiences that were difficult in my own life early on.

I always felt I never wanted people to feel the pain I had felt in my life.  So I set about learning about suffering and then sharing my wisdom to allow the opportunity for others to avoid what may create pain in their lives.  If they were not able to avoid it then to help them learn how to cope, heal, and move forward with the pain inside them.

In an interesting twist after a lifetime of helping I realized that there are some who are not quite ready to let go of the suffering yet in their lives, although they verbally indicate they are.

It was a difficult learning for me to understand that some persons will remain in repetitive patterns of suffering and this is when I need to let go of the Helping Role.


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