The Body

Listening to the echo of my body
As it unfolds the tapestry of my life
The days of pushing it harder than it wanted to go
The days of asking more from it than it felt like it could give
The many stages of a woman’s body
That demand a continual well spring of depth, resiliency and renewal
As I passed through the many stages of change on the inside and out
From the hearing of the first tender cry of a newborn after a long painful passage to
The weeping and wailing of letting go of the precious
Oh my body an amazing wonderland
Of pain and delight
Thankfully I have come home to rest in it with a respect and gratefulness for serving me Well
In the journey of my Life
My body I shall lay it down in stillness and loosen for a time
And welcome the softness of it to my Soul
~Lori Ellis~ McKinney (2015)

Body scan

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