Spirituality at the Wellness Centre

On the question why do I operate in the area of Spirituality at the Wellness Centre?

Suffering and pain affect a person’s interior processes of hope, meaning and purpose.  To not work therapeutically in the realm of a person’s spiritual functioning would leave untapped what I have found are the strongest core inner resiliency factors to help a person move through or endure suffering.  Those resiliency factors are located in the realm of a person’s spiritual functioning and awareness.

While working with the Government it was not acceptable to work in this realm.  I believed that the limitation affected my ability to help people heal.  Since opening the Wellness Centre I have explored many forms and practices of spirituality through submitting myself to them, to take away the portions that I believe would be helpful in assisting the persons I work with on their healing journey.  I do not promote a particular practice of Spirituality nor a particular World Religion, I simply educated myself to be knowledgeable so that I could at least in some part be respectful to the spiritual paths already chosen or will be chosen by the people who come into the Wellness Centre for Mind, Body and Spirit healing services.



Founding principles

Having worked for 18 years in the helping profession I have developed some core beliefs about human wellness. Simple holistic living provides a firm secure foundation from which a person can build their lives and fulfill their destiny. The opening of the wellness centre is a move toward raising the consciousness of people who are interested and eager to reach for more in life.

“Living in the now” is at the forefront of current popular culture. The Centre promotes the philosophy of mindful living through programming, life coaching and environment. The property is equipped with 85 acres of walking trails, in ground swimming pool, peace pond and waterfall and many sitting areas all of which are located along the beautiful St. John River.

The mission of the Centre is to facilitate each individual’s personal journey in life. A journey that requires a person to come to terms with the integration of their own mind, body and spirit. This is a journey we take alone. However it is clear that a supportive environment and a caring community often ease this endeavor.

Strong in Spirit,




Family sorrow is not only a painful wound to be endured, analyzed and treated. It may in fact become a seed that gives birth to our spiritual healing and awakening. Wayne Muller, 1992

Finding purpose or meaning in an ordeal that ties together the themes of help and hope.


Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality is unique to each individual. Your “spirit” usually refers to the deepest part of you, the part that lets you make meaning of your world. Your spirit provides you with the revealing sense of who you are, why you are here and what your purpose for living is. It is that innermost part of you that allows you to gain strength and hope.

Spiritual wellness may not be something that you think much of, yet its impact on your life is unavoidable. The basis of spirituality is discovering a sense of meaningfulness in your life and coming to know that you have a purpose to fulfi;l.

For some, spirituality may be equated with traditional religions such as Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. For others, it may mean growing in your personal relationships with others, or through being at peace with nature.

Assessing your Spiritual Health

Where are you at in your spiritual life? Take a moment to reflect…do you feel a sense of worth, hope, purpose, commitment or peace? Do you have a positive outlook on life? Or do you experience feelings of emptiness, anxiety, hopelessness, apathy or conflict? These may be signs of spiritual poverty in your life and may be the reason for unhappiness or dissatisfaction.

Spirituality and Wellness

Many wellness behaviours can benefit your spiritual health. Such behaviours include feeling connected with others, feeling part of a community, volunteering, having an optimistic attitude, contributing to society and self -love/care.

Here are some ways to help improve your spiritual health:

  • Be quiet. Take time for yourself every day, even if it’s just before you go to sleep, or when you’re driving home.
  • Be open. Spiritual experiences can happen anywhere at any time.
  • Practice being non-judgmental and having an open mind.
  • Be receptive to pain or times of sorrow. It is often in these times when we discover how spirituality can help us cope.
  • Practice forgiveness.
  • Pray, meditate or worship.
  • Live joyfully.
  • Allow yourself to believe in things that aren’t easily explainable


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