At the Wellness Centre we do so try to be the positive door of service for people to walk through and begin to experience joy, peace and happiness in their lives.

A client of mine, a young man said to me once- how do you just sit here all day long and let people use you.  I refrained from comment in that moment but months later when he was ready I returned to his fallible perception again and said now did you ever think I may be using you to spread love, happiness, peace and truth in my life and that may be my purpose here on Earth. That I am deeply grateful to everyone who comes through my door to allow me the wondrous opportunity to try and once again to help someone feel and see this in their life in a very intimate and personal way.  That, that is the very thing that makes me feel happy, day to day. Win, Loose or Draw

The straight facts, I have been being of service and helping people professionally for roughly 4940 days of my life- 39520 hours to be clear and never never never I have I contemplated quitting, stopping, changing careers or any other such thing, Different venues different methods- of course.

I would say that qualifies as a purpose driven heart!

Lori (2015)


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