Saturday Morning Rant

My Saturday morning Rant:

I get very tired of listening to people talk about therapy and treatment for trauma or complex problems caused by life’s catastrophe’s who have never been educated in the field , are not licensed to work directly with people who are experiencing such, nor experienced it themselves.
Please leave it to the professionals, it is not helpful to the suffering person.

I have gone through many stages of these rants through the years, I use to try and talk about it, explain the healing processes, effects of trauma on the person, the emotions involved, the behavior it causes in the person etc- that never worked. Now I just turn on my heels and say politely you obviously do not know what your are talking about and Walk Away.

Sorry not done yet
20 years of professional work in child abuse, mental illness, addictions, trauma, disabilities, chronic illness, ,and criminality across all classes, ages, cultures and socio economic status.
Hours and hours of formal testimony in both family and criminal court, and coroner’s inquest- being scrutinized and questioned professionally at the highest levels by Judges, lawyers, other professional, politicians, media, RCMP, major crime unit etc.
I have never lost a court case, nor found to be in error in anyway. Nor have I ever given up on anyone or not been able to relieve their distress in some Way.
Feel quite qualified to express my opinion openly with gusto!
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