Run Like the Wind

Run like the Wind

As I study the wind on the ground and in the air I am struck by the necessity to adjust myself to the Wind, to gather all the forces that are around me in flight and seize the moment to fly in balance and flow. To match the natural forces that I am presented with while in flight. To accommodate what is unchangeable to learn to step in stride with it as opposed to wishing it were different.

Same is true for life, we must match our lives to what is present as opposed to resisting or lingering on what would be better for us to run like the wind or fly like an eagle.  It is only an illusion that it is not possible, if we let the barriers hold us back.

Breaking through is the threshold, when all our internal resources match the external and we do it anyway.  Not waiting for another moment.

There are risks, and they must be measured, calculated and studied, the work must be done prior to the leap, preparation and study is a must.

Then comes that one special day when my instructor Jack turns to me in flight and says, “Just like the Eagle”  Yes, my friend just like the Eagle.


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