Post Traumatic Stress Affect

Post Traumatic Stress Affect


A great big Thank you to all those who are speaking out and practicing Bravery in presenting their personal battles with trauma , particularly Senator Romeo Dallaire.

Having lived with trauma affect all my life it soothes my heart to know that all of us can be productive members of society and be of service to humanity while suffering deeply on the interior.

My battle first began in my personal life as the result of severe childhood trauma.  As with most that pivot into service stemming from childhood experiences, I too committed my life to service at the age of 21.  The commitment becomes a positive way to channel the negative overwhelming feelings and to rise above them.

I too was further traumatized by my commitment to service abused children, trauma while on duty. A 2 year olds murder was not something anyone would want to be a witness to.  Little on have to find the courage to bring it to the awareness of government officials, the judicial system and the public at large.

I found myself in that place without any choice but to advance the knowledge without regard for my own well being.  The moral compass on my interior, my personal childhood history and my commitment to be of service and make a difference pushed me forward without any hesitation. It was a must.

Sometimes in life we are asked to stand to a call that feels like we do not have the capacity to do.  I can tell you, as a truth, that in these moments all that you need on the interior will be provided if you forge ahead, doing what you know to be right and moral even if you feel you cannot.

At the passing of Nelson Mandela, I reflect on his suffering, his ability to endure it and most of all to rise above it.  A great man, Mandela, but a man no less with all the fears and insecurities he would have had to face to realize his vision and push on amidst great adversity.

Lori (2013)


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