Overcoming to Radiance

On Overcoming

As I flew a gentle majestic early morning flight this Day

I was brought to a deep place of gratitude in my heart for all that is soft, simple and true.

The wonder of the flowing meduxnekeag river, the warmth of the sun, the rolling hills, trees standing tall with their leaves reaching for the light, the gentleness of the wind moving me along.

Once again I was reminded that overcoming rising above all that life entails, reaching high to feel the wonder and preciousness of each day being alive on this beautiful planet is all that really matters.

Waking up to the breath, the body that happily carries me where I wish to go, the heart that continues to believe in Love and the Presence of Mind that continues to allow me to focus and be sure to not miss one single precious Day of my Life.


Lori (2015)

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