My Heart is my Business

My Heart is my Business


We are one

All that I live, all that I believe, all that hold dear

All that I have learned

All that I own

All that I give.


It lies in on the land

That holds my family

And those who come to heal

And Me.


If I were to be known in any Way

It would please me most

If I were known

For what I have created


Like an artist who paints a landscape

Like a singer who sings a delicious melody

The craft of my soul has been

Laid down on property.


The peace that is found

The pleasantries that exist

The woundedness that can be left behind

By those who enter

It is all found on the Land

Because my Heart

Opened to create it.


Born from the loins of

my inner sanctum

Birthed through my body

T’is the biggest baby I

Ever had


Forgive me if I am so Proud!

She fly’s like an Eagle

Born from a Raven!


~ Raven –Lori Ellis-McKinney


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