Monday Morning Reflection

Monday Morning Reflection

As I sit in the simplicity of this radiant morning, the sun rising over the mountains, the diamond snowflakes swirling in the air to prepare for another week of service at the Wellness Centre.  I am struck by the level of suffering in our society.

The deep bellows of pain and despair, the negativity that surrounds us at every turn.

I find it so hard to believe that we have come to this as a society.

Though I understand the internal suffering that individuals carry on their interior, I am left with this knowing:


There is a kind of suffering that has no end, it is circular in our patterns, choices, and is like a trap inside ourselves.   Then, there is the kind of suffering that is developmental, which causes growth and awareness to occur inside the human being.  The fundamentals of this kind of suffering involve, learning when to let go and surrender and when to stand and effect changes inside yourself and those around you.   This kind of suffering will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and others, to compassion, to love and forgiveness.  Never to hurt, hate, condemnation nor violence.


As difficult as it may be to accept, one must always travel to the highest good, to be free of suffering.


Lori Ellis~McKinney (2014)

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