Mental Health, Addictions and Trauma

I would like to see a broader language used in the public discussions and treatment of human suffering. Often we hear Mental Health and Addictions as the framework for clinical interventions. I personally believe that this is limiting from a clinicians treatment point of view and I also believe that it serves to cause an injustice to clients. I would like the language framework to be Mental Health, Addictions and Trauma.
I would like to see a time when Professionals and Experts in particular modality of treatments come to together to look at the suffering of the client, the pain ~who the client is the expert in articulating that pain, and hear the pain from the wrap around treatment modalities. Is it Mental Health, is it Addiction, is it Trauma or some, none or all three. When as professionals we allow our knowledge and training to expand and develop beyond linear formations of interventions and to hold the client in the analysis of a broader treatment structure it also allows the treatment plan to develop from a integrated cooperative approach rather than divisive and competitive, which I currently find to be case in the majority of professional approaches. Lori (2018)

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