Living in the Now

Living in the Now

Unequivocally the hardest thing I have ever taught myself in my Life is how to live in the Now, the present moment just as it is.

This morning as I sat in my meditation practice, as I have done daily for many many years I was struck by the realization of how difficult it has been to teach myself how to Live Just for Today.

To bring all my focus, intention and thoughts to this day only, with a presence of being awake, aware and mindful of my choices and decisions and interactions with others.  To wake in the morning and decide that today is the only day I really have on the planet and to live it as best I am able.

This process of clearing the emotions of the past and thoughts of the future requires the upmost of discipline, as there are so many forces to pull one out of present moment living.  Time and Time again I was required to grab hold of myself and to align to what I knew my purpose in life to be, even if I was the only one doing it. To follow my own internal compass and intuition and to allow others to do the same, no matter the outcome.  And in the midst of all of this acceptance of myself and others, to Love, to Love when I was weak and to love when I was strong, to love when I was betrayed, to love when I was left, to love when I was disappointed, to love when I did not feel Loved.  Only because I know in the bottom of my heart that to Love beyond all measure is the key to my Awakened Life.


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