Life Guide

Life Guide

Do you have a plan for your Life?

Or do  you drift through the moments

Pushed and pulled by the

Influences of the modern world.

Do you allow people to determine

Your path, your walk in the world

Or do you self create

the footsteps you take.

Are you influenced by the judgments of

Others, and their idea or notions of right and wrong

Or do you examine your

own notion of morality.

Do you have an inner sense

of the life you would like to live

and the person you long to be

or has it been clouded

and beaten down

by daily living.

Do you know, beyond all knowing

that you can and do choose

the life you live.

Do you know that your greatest good

Is the greatest good of all those around you.

Do you know that if you choose your inner compass as your life guide

You can love deeper, richer and freer

And that my friend is good for you

And everyone around you.

Try it, you will surely see.

   ~Lori (2014)

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