Let’s hit the reset Button

Let’s hit the Reset button

A couple of beautiful real stories about children, resonating with me today.


Two children I have worked with in the past week struck a deep cord in my heart.  The first a small child who was severely physically abused by his father, born to parents of drug addiction, and removed from their care to reside with his Grandparents.  His heart is broken, he cries and longs to be with his mom, which is not going to happen.  He is suffering.  I asked him if he could feel his heart, he said no, I have not for a long time.  I commented do you cry from your heart, he said YES.  Then it is still working.  Now let’s put both hands over your heart and hold it and breathe way down in your belly, then to your feet, so you can feel your feet.  He did just this.  I could see him transformed before my eyes.  The light of God came back to his eyes and face.  I said what does it feel like.  He said it feels like my mother.  Good I said, now whenever you are longing for her I want you to do just this, no matter where you are and know beyond all knowing, your mother is in your heart.  Beautiful.


The second child, came heavy laden in deep despair.  My life is ruined he said, I wish I could hit the reset button.  Ahhhh I said you can.  Now go back, way back to when you were a small child and felt joy, happiness and freedom in your heart.  Remember how it felt.  He quickly began to feel it and have memories flash before him.  A smile came to his face, he said I remember I can feel it now.  I said, it is underneath all your pain, underneath, the hurt done to you, underneath the bullying you have experienced, underneath the labels you have been given about yourself.  Go back, that is your reset button, remember WHO you ARE and bring that story back to me next time we meet.  Wonderful!

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