It’s our 7th year Anniversary

May is the Anniversary month of the opening of River Valley Wellness Centre. It’s been 7 years in business. Wow!

What began as a dream in my heart and mind, created a path of deep learning, challenges, success, and the fulfilling of my deepest desires, professionally and personally.
I often say if I had known then what I know now and how very difficult the road would be, I never would have done it. But I am so very grateful I did. Better not knowing some things 
I am thankful to many people for their support, belief in my dream, and contribution to it’s unfolding.
This morning my mind turned to two of my managers in the government who gave me permission and acceptance to go for it, while being employed in the government. I remember the day they both came to the property, sat in the chairs at the Wellness Centre and expressed nothing but positive for the endeavor I was beginning to walk- grateful to them both.
To the many people I have served through my entire career but in particular at the Wellness Centre- THANK YOU for allowing me the privilege of being in your life in a powerful, healing, intimate Way. Thank you for opening the door to your heart and trusting me to walk in ever so gently.

happy anniversary


she thought she could

When I was little girl walking the streets of Bristol with my family experiencing so much trauma, hardship. loss and tragedy I was hopeless for my future. Last year I flew over my homeland, tipped wing and looked straight down on those same streets. I became so incapacitated emotionally I could no longer fly nor hold in the emotion. Jack Lavender took the controls not knowing this was my homeland and what I was experiencing. I said soflty and simply with great emotion. When I was a child I never thought I would amount to anything in my life. Here I am living my wildest dreams, dreams I didn’t even dare think about throughout my life. Amen

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