I make no apologies for my Advocacy

I make no apologies for my advocacy – through these eyes I see the pain.

Soul Healing.

The divinity is in every living soul.  There are no throw aways. Each is a child of the universe born to the sacred right and privilege to stand in their own truth their own story. Some are bound by disabilities, some bound by abuse, some by fear, others by oppression.

Though they walk in chains they still dream, hunger for love and to tell their story.  For someone to hear and feel their pain.

Through my body I feel their suffering, their holding, their bondage on the interior.  Deep in the muscles is stored the wailing, the anger, the despair.

I reach for it through my senses, my own pain and pull it out, little by little, unblocking their soul their own innate power.  Holding up the mirror of life in love and acceptance.

Showing them the Way.  The Way to truth, to freedom, to love.

These are my people, the willing.

This is my life, born from my survival.

If I can rise above the hate, the hurt, the condemnation, the oppression then so can everyone else.

We shall be Free.


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