I Chose….

What did I choose in my Life so far. ~
I chose Recovery, nearly 27 years ago.
I chose to educate myself at University for 8 years, to enable me to fulfill my calling of wishing to be of Service to suffering people.
I chose to get Married.
I chose and deliberately planned the birth of my children, or course with God’s Grace.
I chose to leave a job I loved, Child Protection.
I chose to move from my Dream Home.
I chose to open my business.
I chose to take my brother, Greg under my legal care and supervision.
I chose to peacefully walk away from the Civil Service.
I chose to seek Love.
I chose to seek Peace.
I chose to work toward Forgiveness.
I chose to at all costs protect the sanctity of my Soul.
For all of those choices I have endured the consequences as well as the rewards.
For this I am Grateful.
Lori (2018)

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