Healing and Recovery

At 21 years old I became crystal clear about addiction, mental illness, domestic violence and dignity. I made very difficult choices at that time that would set me on a course of recovery, healing, and setting standards for my life.

Of course that would also mean that I would continue to care for, be involved with and and try to help those who were still caught in the violent throws of addiction, mental illness and violence.

I have a line that I have never waived on my entire life when it comes to caring for family members, friends and clients who are still suffering in the dreaded dark abyss.

I will not and never expect me to support, align with, enable or agree with ACTIVE addiction, untreated mental illness or violence. It will never happen, ever. I will make sure that they have the basics of human dignities, food, clothing, shelter, medical care and access treatment if they so choose but I will never knowingly or willingly align my knowledge, power or resources to enable the eventual destruction of a human being. Ever!

On the flip side I am known to support till death or the person no longer requires my support an individual who is ACTIVE and ENGAGED in treatment and healing. I have never ever given up on a single individual in my lifetime. I will struggle and suffer right along with them in their healing, recovering process.

Lori (2018)

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