Healing and Learning


Yesterday as I was flying and in complete happiness and joy. My mind and heart reviewed the pain I felt over the last 8 years, night after night of deep loneliness, the gut wrenching fear that I would not be successful in fulfilling my dream,  watching the pain my children were experiencing because of the break up of our family, the deep exhaustion of pushing us forward to our new life and how all of that was so difficult to endure day after day, and night after night,  with… no end in sight.
And how amazing it is that as I continued forward making the adjustments that were needed, working through each area of difficulty one step at a time, gradually and slowly over many days, nights, weeks, months and years the puzzle began to pull itself together.
And how as each piece found its place, the pain disappeared, just becoming  flashes that I barely remember.
Happiness, joy and peace does that to one’s soul, and I am surely grateful for that.

past healing

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