Happy 60th Birthday Hugh!

Happy 60th Birthday Hugh!

It is a privilege to honor all the years of your life on this beautiful place called Earth.  You, my friend have been a good and noble shepherd, and for that you have richness deep in your soul. That is the reward of a life well lived.  You have lived by a compass that is in the moral minority and demands self sacrifice.  This concept is best articulated by the following question;

“How can we develop the moral intelligence to do the Right Thing at the Right Time and for the Right Reason”?  John Bradshaw

Hugh,  you have been an inspiration to me and have helped me in the most sincere ways to believe and become all that I am, and am becoming.  You and Stephanie have served as pillars for me, anchors in my tumultuous world.

Your actions and beliefs have demonstrated leadership and virtue even in the darkest of hours.   It is not an easy walk that we travel however it is made more bearable by the love and support of true friends and visionaries.  Thank you for being a light in my darkness. I am forever indebted to both of you!

Much Love and Happiness,


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