As I walked boldly forward in the pursuit of my deepest dreams and desires I was struck by the intense fear I held in my Heart and the extreme vulnerability I felt in my being.  Having been a woman of little fear and vulnerability all my life I could not imagine what was occurring in my being to cause such an unusual disorientation to my natural Way, the way I always knew myself to be.

After many years of working with these two limiting emotions that were once foreign to me I recognized that in the unveiling and action of the implementation of  my deepest dreams I was required to dig into the deepest part of my HEART.

Working from the heart is raw, vulnerable and precious.   It is only natural that the being would become tender and soft as the golden nuggets are dug out and revealed on the exterior in real life.

Open to scrutiny, judgments, assessments, misinterpretations and ulterior motives.


I asked myself what keeps me afraid, what keeps me blocked from my true essence, what keeps me less than what I know myself to be.

The line that came to me is – “The more you step out the more you face”.

The commitment to the Dream becoming real life, requires a 100% no holds barred belief in manifesting what the HEART truly desires.

Just when the heart is speaking in a most sincere, raw and vulnerable way, the greatest blocks, barriers obstacles and unforeseen loss of support will also be endured.

If the Heart is committed enough and the belief in oneself is stronger than the forces that wish to put it back in the box- One sweet day will arrive when the Heart hits a sweet note of a thundering trumpet that sings out –  Yes!



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