Childrens Deaths in New Brunswick

In previous child deaths it was found that the information and details that were  presented to the Child Death Committee were lacking, suppressed, or not provided.

Recommendations of committee released

FREDERICTON • The Child Death Review Committee has reviewed the deaths of three children whose families were known to the Department of Social Development. The committee has recommended in a first case that the department should continue to reinforce practice standards regardin…g the sleeping areas for infants and children. In a second case, the committee recommended that a regional report now include a list of assessments conducted by the department. The committee made no recommendation in the third case. No further details were provided. The committee’s recommendations were released by chief coroner Gregory Forestell. A response to these recommendations from the Department of Social Development will be released within a 45-day time frame. The committee investigates the deaths of children younger than 19, who were in the legal care of social development, or whose families were in contact with the child protection system within 12 months before the child’s death.

The membership of the Committee shall be as follows: •A retired judge of the Provincial or Family Court of New Brunswick appointed by the Attorney General and/or the person appointed as Chief Coroner for the Province of New Brunswick. This person shall be the Chairperson.   •A Police Officer.   •A Pediatrician.   •A University Social Work professor appointed by the Director of the Social Work Department of a New Brunswick University.   •A representative from Office of the Chief Coroner of New Brunswick.   •A representative from First Nations

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