This morning my mind and heart turn toward my brother.  8 years ago I became a caregiver for him against all recommendations.  Granted I was concerned that I could not provide him with adequate care to meet his extensive needs.  But I had to try.  I could not bring myself to place in him a facility  at 41 years of age without having at least given to him what I suggest my clients give their own family members and implement the knowledge I had within me from professional life …and love in my heart.
The journey has been a wild and twisting road with triumphs and heartbreaking let downs. We have been faced with very difficult situations and decisions along the Way but we both preserved to try establish a life that he felt was worth living in the permanent condition he is in. Knowing all the while that he will slowly deteriorate.
The rewards of this journey have been like no other in my life, each day as he smiles at me, I see a reflection of the sweet caring loving brother I grew up with.  He is the only person on the planet for whom I do not have to explain anything of who I am, because we lived it together and still do.

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