Balancing Right to Privacy and Authenticity

Balancing Right to Privacy and living Authenticity

It is a fine art to maintain privacy and also live authentically.

My experience with these two values, which I hold dearly in my heart has been an interesting journey.  Not in relation to my own process with them but the response of others.

It has been interesting to me that my journey of authenticity in some way communicated in the minds of others that that also meant I was not entitled to Privacy.

As well being involved in public matters somehow also seemed to grant others some kind of open  door to  the privacy of my life, or a perception of entitlement to know my personal information.

I became tired of the intrusions, the gossip, the implied threats of exposure, the barbs, the digs, and the back door intrusions or questions about me from others toward my friends and those who work with me.

So me being me I took matters into my own hands and control and gave out the information from fact and evidence as I have nothing to hide, never did and have always lived in my truth with those who are closely connected to me.  It is not information I would have normally preferred to share in a public way however it was clear that if I did not I could very easily wake up someday to the experience being shell shocked by someone who felt it was their right to make my personal information a public matter.

I am comfortable with myself, my life choices, my struggles, and do not wear a mask but I do appreciate the virtues of respect, dignity, boundaries, and personal space and privacy like any other person and require them to be healthy and have my own time, freedom to just be without performing a duty or role or being observed. Lori (2015)