As I walk about my life I am mostly surrounded by the negativity of others unexpressed pain, regret, or remorse. My awareness operates in the unsaid, the unspoken domain. I came to understand that as I unpacked the essence of myself in my daily walk and liberated by soul into a walking being state I became a live symbol in many ways of what others were still either working on liberating in themselves or trying to push down and hold back. This state in others causes a negative energy burst to seep out towards me. The traveler is not aware that I am aware of the deep pondering. I mostly keep it that Way – unless I am in session.

I certainly do utilize my depth to make good choices about where and with whom it is wise for me to be in the presence of and connection with. Love lifts, if it is not lifting my spirit then you will mostly likely find me down by the river or in the air.

Lori (2017)

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