A Message from River Valley Wellness Centre and our Homes

A message from River Valley Wellness Centre and our Homes:

Fall on your Knees

Have you ever completely fell on your knees, from the heaviness of Living

Until such a moment it is not truly known in the senses, the virtues of humility, surrender, letting go, acceptance and Peace.

As we move into the Grace that is readily available through the Christmas Season, May I offer that if you let your senses be taken with mindfulness and presence, the deep emotions that can pivot from sorrow to the opening of the heart of Love and Unity – We may come to understand the Power of the spiritual season, the lessons of those before us that experienced both the light and dark in the World and then wrote about it to instruct the future generations.  I am sure in some valiant effort and hope that the darkness would not consume humanity again.

Individually we have the Power within ourselves to rise above the darkness, It is with this Light that we may then be gifted the opportunity to share the Light with others who may still be travelling through the dark passageways of Living, searching for their own Light.

Let the Light of your life, shine through to shore up the souls who might be doing their best to rise.  Let’s share our spirit as best we are able to cast a positive glow of on the Earth, so that all may feel in their Heart the messages of Peace, Love, and Hope through this Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas to all and Peace on Earth,

Lori, Hanna, Jeff, Katie, Greg, Jack, Erica and Christine and all those

who lovingly support us each and every day as we travel toward our

Best selves.


Oh yes our Critters too!

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