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1. Albert Einstein: Morality is Purely a Human Matter
The religious feeling engendered by experiencing the logical comprehensibility of profound interrelations is of a somewhat different sort from the feeling that one usually calls religious. It is more a feeling of awe at the scheme that is manifested in the material universe. It does not lead us to take the step of fashioning a god-like being i…n our own image – a personage who makes demands of us and who takes an interest in us as individuals. There is in this neither a will nor a goal, nor a must, but only sheer being. For this reason, people of our type see in morality a purely human matter, albeit the most important in the human sphere.
– Albert Einstein, Albert Einstein: The Human Side, edited by Helen Dukas & Banesh Hoffman Ads A World of Good, Inc. aworldofgood.com USee More

  • Richard J Blaquiere Excellent Al. We secular humanists promote that idea. Someone, maybe Richard Dawkins, has said something along these lines “If you do good things only because God tells you that you will go to heaven, shame on you. If you do good things only because you are afraid that God will send you to hell then shame on God.” Or something like that.
  • Lori Ellis McKinney What I know to be true is to above all matters the commandment is to love, every human is deserving of it and shame on us if we do not
  • Lori Ellis McKinney The prostitute is equal to the priest 🙂
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Still Pondering this Richard,  People have often thought my compassion and love for humanity was not real, ie, born of ulterior motives, that has been difficult for me to experience as a human being.  In my 17 year career as a Social worker in this community I was obliged through the process of being employed as an agent of the civil service, to work closely and intimately who those who committed acts of murder, child molestation, a child’s murder, abusive acts toward children and the vulnerable.  I have had to dig deep into my soul to bring myself to a place that I could offer help to those same persons and give it with the purest and best of intentions.  This was not easy, but has made me a much more whole and humble human being

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