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Storm Day Reflection

Last week I had a side of the road chat with a relatively new resident to the area. “He said are you Lori?  Lori the Social Worker who worked for the government for a lot years then turn left wing, granola something spiritual or other, he said at least that is how your were described to me”.

I busted out laughing and said is that how I am being seen lately.  Funny to m…e because I have been who I am all my life, I have been a clean recovering alcoholic for 23 years, devout and disciplined in my practices, honest in my presentation of myself always, with an honest desire to help people stemming from my days of picking expired food out of the Bristol dump while the seagulls cried over head and swooped at me, crying myself because I was taking their food.  The days I sat on the rock piles, in the potato field at morning break enjoying a smoke that I had bribed from the digger man at age 10.  Those are the crystal memories that I hold near and dear to me, that drive me and push me forward in my vision, to teach what I have learned share what I know to be true of life.  To above all matters, Love everyone and seek understanding for others and myself and to help along the way if I am able.
As Janis Joplin says I just always asked for the right and privilege to be me in the World.  That is what I live today and if that makes me a left wing, hippie, guru so be it!  Peace    LoriSee More

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  • Linda Jarrett Well we love you! You are a great person and listener !!! The best in my eyes .
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Thank you Linda, feeling  much gratitude to be at a place in my life where I can be exactly what I knew I could 🙂
  • Dawn Nevers This gives me hope that i will find that place as well. You are an constant inspiration to me
  • Lori Ellis McKinney You will Dawn, just pick a path that works for you and stay on it, come hell or high water, and you will likely have a lot of both, that’s where the learnings come from
  • Deanna Moore Doucet Good eye opener for some to read this !:-)Just proves how people make opinions and they have no idea about you at all!:-) we have no idea what the other person has really lived!!I know I am glad I met you!:-) i used to feel I had to prove that I was not like people thought I was! Now I value my self way too much to worry about that!! Haha how silly!  It’s so freeing when others opinions of you are theirs not reality! Haha
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Wonderful Dee,  the greatest life lesson is to just love yourself the way you are and for who you are, that is surely enough 🙂
  • Marion Trail Enjoy your realness.
  • Marlene Macfarlane When people who I did not know met me they thought I was just a another girl that had no problems and then when I told them my life story and what I had been though over the years they could not believe it. What your perception of yourself to the world is not how it really is. Now I am a senior and I don’t care anymore. I have learned many lessons to get where I am today. I always smiled when I went out to meet people but many times I was crying inside. I have grown and I wish I sometimes could go back and do it over but then I would not have learned the lessons that I did. Life is learning and it never stops until you die, mistakes and all.
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Do you remember all those years ago, Sandra and Erica at my graduation from the Social Work program at St Thomas University, you the Prof’s awarded me the title of “Annie Oakley”, saying she arrives in town with no bullshit.  Largely cause I was still nursing and infant at home and travelling the highway from Benton to Fredericton everyday, taking classes in between feedings 🙂  I have just grown to be a fuller expression of her.  Thank you for your teachings, Lori  ( Pic of Annie)

    Lori Ellis McKinney's photo.
  • Sharon Scott I like the hat..you need one like that!…I’ll look for one for you..lol
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Ha, got to go I have a client but I will be silly and take a pic of the hat I wear in a bit,  My great grammie Maude, use to wear it and I always thought it looked lovely
  • Sharon Scott can’t wait!!
  • Marlene Macfarlane Lori I remember what they wrote and I think it said she arrives in town with the baby in tow or on the hip. I might be wrong but I am sure it went something like that.
  • Lori Ellis McKinney If your wondering why I put this on, just read above,
  • Marlene Macfarlane I remember Grammie Maude wearing that hat. There will never be another woman like Grammie Maude. She was not my grandmother,she was the kids great Grandmother but I thought a lot of her and will never forget her. Lori you look cute with her hat on!
  • Sharon Scott Oh I like it!!.. Haha
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Yes mom I loved her too! Real strong pioneer woman/ great role model
  • Charlene Drost Stewart Keeping it simple THEY ARE JEALOUS!!! It is such a wonderful freedom to BE ME!! Love you LORI!
  • Lori Ellis McKinney So happy for you Charlene, so pleased you have found a peaceful place in your life
  • Lori Ellis McKinney oh Erica Hull you so liked taking that picture didn’t you…She says that your sassy look Lori, the one you give me when you have had it 🙂
  • Rita Pickard-Demerchant A single women who happens to be a single mum having faith, going against all odds and following her vision in this world!!  What is that crazy women thinking!! 

    I didn’t need someone along the road tell me what people were thinking of me.  I was told to my face or by email  that I would fail believe it or not by those who were getting paid to help me. WHY???  I have no idea and really don’t care.  The devil must have made them do it. 

    All that matters is someone upstairs believed in me and just like you I beat all odds!!  Thank goodness I believed that everything happens for a reason.  I had faith, no other choices, friends that believed in me, great carpenters and many conversations with you,  You are an inspiration to many including me.   I can picture you laughing and the guy having a puzzled look on his face.  You go, girl!!
  • Lori Ellis McKinney Oh Rita, yes I was told many times I would fail, and unfortunately persons of stature actually set out to ensure I would fail, tis sad sometimes how humans act,, but I assured all along the way that I would never stop and that my mission was not based in ego so go ahead do whatever you want to me to humiliate me, persecute me, condemn me but that does not work with this poor little country survivor girl, Poverty taught me not to be invested in that. Just kept my head down lived by my values stayed true to who I was through it all, never retaliated and continued to live in truth. That what I was taught as a child. it was hard and I so wanted to bust out and speak but I knew that embarrassing or belittling others was not the Way even if they did it to me.  My mother in law always said to me Lori you will be rewarded, I believed her and held on to that tightly- she was right, bless her  You have done good Rita 🙂
  • Rita Pickard-Demerchant Ten years ago I was at the bottom of the bottom and the most amazing people helped me.  The most important lessons I learned from them is to…….help those who help themselves……..and,,,,,give without expecting anything in return and you will be rewarded.
  • Lori Ellis McKinney I could say a whole lot of truth that would embarrass many high profile people but it never felt right, so I decided to let it go and move on with my vision, best decision I could have made 🙂
  • Rita Pickard-Demerchant Sadly one thing I have learned from my experiences is that high profile people who seem to have it all ……..are the most unhappiest people I know and they think their position gives them power over others….they don’t seem to realize that the only one in control is God…..and until they get that the devil will always have control over them…..the end result only God knows.
  • Lori Ellis McKinney I trust the principle you reap what you sow and believe in natural consequences for peoples action or inaction- not my responsibility to set the record straight in peoples lives, a higher force will do that 🙂

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