Founding Principles

Having worked for 15 years in the helping profession I have developed some core beliefs about human wellness. Simple holistic living provides a firm secure foundation from which people can build their lives and fulfill their destinies. The opening of the Wellness Centre is a move toward raising the consciousness of people who are interested and eager to reach for more in life.

“Living in the now” is at the forefront of current popular culture. The Centre promotes the philosophy of mindful living through using programming, life coaching and the environment. (The property is equipped with 85 acres of walking trails, and an in-ground swimming pool, a peace pond, waterfall and many sitting areas, all of which are located along the beautiful St. John River).

The mission of the Centre is to facilitate each individual’s personal journey in life-a journey that requires a person to come to terms with the integration of their mind, body and spirit. This is a difficult journey that we take alone. However it is clear that a supportive environment and a caring community often ease this daunting endeavor.   Lori-Ellis McKinney Owner/Operator (2008)

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